At the starting line of the race ...
On your marks, get set …

So, I have been thinking that it is time to start sharing what I have learned, and I feel that I have some valuable experience for those that are starting their journey in independently developing software – being a new developer. I want to share what I learned over the years of my own travels down this path, but be clear that I consider myself still learning about this!


There is always something new to learn, and after years at this thing called project management and “freelancing”, I am constantly finding new ways to manage my independent work, and my life for that matter!


I will be sharing more about what I’ve learned, a little on how and where I’ve learned it, and what I might have done differently if I was to start over. Since I started out broke (as in rolling pennies for gas money broke), I learned really quickly how to find the free or no cost options for the services out there; I’m still kind of broke, but now it’s only “rolling quarters” broke ;-). So, I will be promoting the services that I have used and that I think will help you. Keep in mind that where possible I will be sharing the free option details or free alternatives for the services I use or find value in, but there are a few cases where you can’t get around having to pay (like an Apple or Google developer account) so I will be sharing the why in those cases. If I do share a link to a paid service, it will most likely be an affiliate link so if you do sign-up for the service, please use my link because I’m still broke! ;-P


I hope you join me in a cathartic examination of my journey, what I’ve learned, and what I might have done differently. I want you to be an active participant in this journey, share with me what your thoughts are along the way and I will give feedback on what you share!


Let’s get started, shall we?

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