These policies are meant to help you understand what is expected when it comes to using and paying for services that are provided. These policies may be updated at any time by posting an updated version here without any further notice to clients. By engaging services and/or making payments, you are accepting these terms.


Payment Policies

Hourly Billing Rate

The current hourly billing rate is $45.00 per hour billed in one hour increments, any partial hours will be rounded up for billing purposes.


Invoices are due upon receipt. Invoices are considered past due if payment in full is not received within five (5) calendar days of the issue date, it is the sole responsibility of the client to ensure delivery of payments within this time frame or to make sure other payment arrangements have been accepted. A past due fee of fifteen percent (15%) of the invoice total or fifteen dollars ($15.00), whichever is greater, will be applied five (5) calendar days after the issue date of all invoices, unless other arrangements have been accepted. Additionally, items waved or discounted on the past due invoices may be (re)imposed retroactively. All invoices with an outstanding balance will be assessed a fee of two percent (2%) of the invoice total or two dollars ($2.00), whichever is greater, every thirty (30) days from the invoice date or portion thereof if the invoice is not paid in full. All time is billed in one hour increments, time is rounded up for partial hours.

If deemed necessary in the sole discretion of the Developer (because of client payment/billing issues, etc.), work may be estimated prior to being started and the estimated amount must be paid in advance, in full, as a prepayment before any work can be started.

Refunds are not allowed, all payments are final.

Payment Methods

Invoices may be paid by check (business or personal), money order, PayPal, or credit card. Each payment method is subject to the terms of this policy. By default, all invoices are assumed to be paid by check, however any other method may be used per the terms of this policy. If desired, you may choose any payment method under an active agreement to be the default method with custom terms.


If payment is for services performed on site or in person, then cash is welcome. If payment is rendered in cash at the time services are performed, then a discount may be applied to the total due.

Personal Checks

Personal checks are welcome as long as a good payment history exists between us. Checks must not be written for more than the total outstanding amount due on all invoices combined, checks will not be accepted if they are starter checks, unnumbered checks, or non-personalized checks (name and address, phone number, etc must be pre-printed on the check). If a check is returned for any reason a thirty dollar ($30.00) returned check fee will be assessed and checks will no longer be accepted from you.

Business Checks

Business checks are welcome as long as a good payment history exists between us. If a check is returned for any reason, a thirty dollar ($30.00) fee will be assessed, and at Developer’s sole discretion, we may resubmit your check after a waiting period of our choosing; if the check is returned again for any reason an additional thirty dollar ($30.00) fee may be assessed. Once a check is returned for any reason, at our option, checks may no longer accepted from you.


PayPal payments are not accepted.


Cash.me payments can be made to Cash.me. As long as we are accepting Cash.me payments, there will be a link at the bottom of every page!

Credit Card

Contact us to find out about making a Credit Card Payment.


Refunds are not granted unless extenuating circumstances exists, at developer’s sole discretion.

Guarantee of work completed

Unless specifically provided for in a separate agreement between the Developer and the Client, all programming work provided by the Developer is warranted to be free from material reproducible programming errors or defects in workmanship for a period of 30 calendar days when maintained and operated in accordance with Developer’s instructions. Any material reproducible programming errors that are discovered and properly reported during the warranty period will be remedied at no extra cost to the Client, Developer has the only and final say about what remedies will be implemented. Any extra work under this guarantee will carry the same guarantee, but under no circumstances will the total guarantee period cover any more than 60 calendar days.

Any defects or failures of guaranteed work must not be caused by or related to any other work by any entity other than the developer, any hardware defects or failures, software failures or defects, or change to the Software operating systems, environment, or computer hardware by any party other than Developer.

These are the only guarantees the Developer provides for work completed.


Ownership of Work Completed

Unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing in advance, all work, including but not limited to human readable machine instruction code, machine readable byte code, binaries, executables, libraries, designs, concepts, business processes (unless previously the property of the client), and assets for any given task or project, or portion there of, is the property of the developer. Developer is specifically reserving any and all rights for any and all work not specifically covered by an agreement in writing between the Client and the Developer.


Support Policies

  1. Active Support

Active support, or “Live Support”, is support that is provided to assist with the use of an application. Active support only occurs during pre-arranged support windows. Incoming support requests during the last 45 minutes of the support window may be billed at the standard hourly rate. A request for support is submitted by email to the provided support address for the application or service, once the active support request is received during an agreed upon support window, it will be answered or acknowledged within 45 minutes. If the active support request is for a basic research issue, and the active support request contains the required information to research the data or information, then the response will likely include the results of the research when appropriate; the response to the active support request may be by email, phone or both, as appropriate. Active support is provided at a discounted rate of $35.00 per hour, under most cases during normal business hours, and at the same hourly rate with an additional $25 per day charge for support windows that contain before and/or after business hours or non-business days as posted on the main page. Active Support does not include any Design or Development work, if a support request requires development to resolve an issue, a workaround may be provided until a software fix can be delivered; all development work will be completed under a separate agreement. Once a support window has started a refund will not be issued for any reason. Support is dependent on the proper access for the requested support actions, TeamRampage, or it’s agents, are not responsible for issues beyond our control.