Our goal is to earn your business and trust through transparency and superior customer service!

It’s not about doing some tech magic so that if it doesn’t work in the future you *need* to call us. It’s about making it work right, without making it so that you are dependent on an IT company to fix it (where possible). If we can help you to understand your tech better, or even how to fix it yourself, we will gladly show you how to do it. A lot of the repairs and services we offer can be done by almost anyone with a fair amount of learning and some rare tools, and we have no issues with showing you the finer points in this. We want you to *want* to call us to take care of your issue, because you trust us to do it right, not *have* to call us (or any tech company) because the “how” is magic.

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We’re ready to help you with your technology needs!

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email: info@teamrampage.net

Other phones/tablets not listedEmail
for Price
Cost + 5%
iPhone 6(+)(s) & earlier$30Cost + 10%
iPhone 7 thru 11$75Cost + 5%
iPhone 12$100Cost + 5%
Apple Watch$40Cost + 5%
Other electronics$50/hrCost + 5%
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