About Us

Why TeamRampage Services?

Why is it that we call ourselves “TeamRampage Services”?

Well, this is a name that my wife and I came up with in 2009. That’s when I started out as a freelance software engineer. Actually, it started out as “TwinRampage” because we have twin daughters. While I was working on my first big project, I needed some help from my wife! After our girls got a little older, I started asking them what they thought of different things I was working on. The projects that I was working on became a team effort, so I decided that “TeamRampage” was more appropriate.
What’s with the “Rampage” part of the name? Well, as any parent can tell you having toddlers around when they play (especially twins) they go on a rampage! At least that’s what the playroom looked like after they’ve been playing! Hence, the name “TeamRampage” is a perfect fit! As the years went on, my family became not only a support system for me and my work, but also became a part of my work.
Now that our son is getting older and started showing interest in electronics, and in ways to help the environment, we’ve decided that I will teach him what I know about electronics repair. And ways that electronics can be responsibly recycled.

A Bit on My Background

I started my journey with electronics when I was around 8 years old. All I had was the curiosity of “how does this thing work”? I would spend my Saturdays learning what I could from my Dad, the library, and my own tinkering. When I was in middle school I started collecting and building PC clone computers. Figuring out how to get the best performance out of the parts I could get my hands on. From there, my learning evolved over time into more of the science behind how computers, and electronics in general, work. Over the years I have built countless computer systems. From simple (and underpowered) desktop machines to full business computing systems and networks.
I’ve fixed broken TVs, VCRs, game consoles, cell and landline phones, tablets, computers, and probably anything else you can think of! I’ve spent over 20 years in the General Aviation repair industry, along with formal training from the U.S. AirForce. This has given me the training and tools to fix things, a skill that I want to pass on to my kids. As my son’s repair skills improve, he’ll be taking a more active role in helping me fix things. We started out with things around the house that needed fixing, moving on to helping my Dad in fixing airplanes, and now with learning to repair and recycle electronics responsibly.

Where We’re at Now

Since I work part-time for the local school district, things will start off slowly. Teaching others about technology is a passion of mine, learning what I can and passing that on to others is what inspired me to get into education. Now, it’s time for me to branch out and share what I’ve learned on a larger scale!
I feel that most of the skills we learn in life are ones that help the world in general and that those skills need to be shared with future generations! This is why I was really happy when my son wanted to learn more about what I do, but there’s only so much that needs to be fixed around our house. So, I’ve started reaching out to friends and family to see what they need help with fixing. But again, this only goes so far.

How You Can Help

Now we want to help our community fix what needs fixing! Responsibly recycle the electronics that need to be recycled. To do this, we need your help! We need things to fix! Computers, laptops, cell phones, the tech that has become an integral part of our lives. Let us fix the tech that’s troubling you so that I can pass on what I’ve learned to the next generation!
On that note, I want to teach more than just my kids – I want to teach anyone who wants to learn! So I’m going to be starting a YouTube channel chronicling the repair and recycling that we do! My son will even be in some of the videos, learning alongside anyone that’s learning with him!