What I did with Twilio

A few months back, a client asked me to look at and improve the SMS messaging ability of their Java program. After seeing that they were using an email to SMS gateway (and associated throttling requirements) I researched the options, and came to the inevitable conclusion that the answer to making the SMS messaging capabilities better and more robust in my client’s application was by adding Twilio.

After a very short “introduction” period, I had a prototype up and running, my client was so impressed that the original specification was expanded (I didn’t mind because the Twilio APIs are really easy to work with). A short time later, the final draft moved to production and there have been no regrets; in fact I look for ways that I can use the Twilio offerings in other projects because it was so easy.

Now mind you, the application using the Twilio service is used to run a form of silent auction, requiring as close to real time notifications to end users as possible. The application sends an SMS notification to a registered bidder (after an opt-in of course) when they have been outbid; then if the bidder wishes, they can respond to the outbid message indicating that they want to raise their bid. That simple! All thanks to the power of Twilio. Future planned improvements include the ability of the application to automatically call winning bidders after the auction is over to let them know what they have won! Of course, Twilio offers voice functionality as well, and it’s just as easy to implement!

I am very happy that I had the opportunity to use the Twilio service, and it seems that my client is happy with them as well! In case you are wondering, my client is Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services, and they are really great people. If you are in the Roanoke, Va area stop by and say hi to Dan and Linda; they are great people, and tell them I said hi.

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